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I am Judit Gilbert, a fiber artist residing in New York State. I specialize in making felted wool paintings depicting scenes from fairy tales and nature as well as my own stories. I design the pictures myself and strive to create magical images that can spark the imagination further.  

Plant Dyed Colors

I use plant-dyed colors for my pictures. I do most of the dyeing myself, using flowers from my garden such as marigold, coreopsis, and goldenrod, wild flowers, black walnuts from nearby woods, as well as some exotic, imported dyes. I love experimenting with different blends and shades and use many hues in each picture to achieve subtle gradations of color. Plant-dyed colors have a special, radiant feel to them and harmonize well with one another. The cobweb-thin layering of wool fibers allows each hue to shine through, creating even more nuances.

Wool pictures

The pictures are needle-felted and come in natural wooden frames with mounting hooks. They are available glazed or unglazed. The paintings are generally best hung on a wall next to a window to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Fiber Arts

I love working with natural fibers in many different formats: wet-felting three-dimensional objects, needle-felting small creatures, spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and sewing. You can follow my fiber-art related projects on social media.

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